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California Youth Trials

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Golden Empire Youth Football
Kern County, CA
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Feedback from Players, Coaches and Board.


  • Offensive and defensive line players felt less impact from facemask-to-facemask collisions during practice.

  • Protected hands and fingers from significant impact with an opponents facemask covered by Shield Hawk.

  • Shield Hawk did not interfere with vision or breathing in any material way.

  • Shield Hawk products held up well during practice and remained free of any defects.

    * Participants limited to interior line players.

“Coaches participating in the trial were very pleased with Shield Hawk's performance. In addition to absorbing forces from facemask-to-facemask hits, it helped to protect a player's neck and hands from accidental contact with another player's facemask. We look forward to working with Shield Hawk moving forward.”

Ron White, League Commissioner, GEYF/GEYC, Kern County, CA

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